Release date: 1996

  1. Tuulilta tuleva [mp3]
  2. Kokko [mp3]
  3. Ottajat [mp3]
  4. Korppi
  5. Pyry
  6. Halla
  7. Iro [mp3]
  8. Merten kosijat
  9. Omani
  10. Pojaton
  11. Emoni ennen [mp3]

Nonesuch 79429-2

Note: The track sequence of Kokko as appears on the CD (and above) is the result of a re-sequencing suggestion by Nonesuch after Värttinä delivered the original master. The original and preferred song sequence, as devised by Värttinä and producer Janne Haavisto, is as listed below. For the true and intended Kokko experience, we suggest that you program your CD player in the following correct track order. Happy listening!

  1. Tuulilta Tuleva
  2. Halla
  3. Iro
  4. Merten Kosijat
  5. Omani
  6. Pojaton
  7. Korppi
  8. Pyry
  9. Kokko
  10. Ottajat
  11. Emoni Ennen