Potran Korean / A Sturdy, Handsome Lad

tie on tehty työn tulla neion tanssia
tie on tehty pojan tulla potran korean

poikki pellon porsahatki juosta jolkottaa
reporinnat reilottaa ja kiljuu kaulojaan
kun ei tule tuuhemmat koreammat käy
poikki pellon porsahatki punasena käy
punasena käy

tie on taivoa ja maata neion sorean
tuonut on tuonnempata potran korean

kuin on suolla sammakoita sinisukkia
niin on noita neitosia pitkätukkia
kuin on noita matosia matavaisia
niin niitä poikasia pirunpukki’a

tie on tehty miun tulla neion sorean
tie on tehty siun tulla potran korean

onpa miulla mielessäni syömmessä mun
sirppisormi suitukka ja tiiän sanotun
että siulla suitukkani syömmessä sun
tyttö tietä tallustelee mu’ossani mun
mu’ossani mun

The road is clear, the girl is here, the girl who’s going to dance,
the road is clear for a handsome lad to find the girl and dance.

The boys trot like a herd of pigs to find the prettiest first,
a herd of pigs with udders swinging, squealing fit to burst.
There’s hardly one among them that would please a pretty lass,
like a herd of pigs across a field, sweating, red in the face,
sweating, red in the face.

The road’s the whole of heaven and earth in the mind of a pretty maid,
the road that brings from far away a sturdy, handsome lad.

Like blue-legged frogs that hop in a swamp these pretty maidens are,
these wenches hopping in the dance with flowing, golden hair.
Like worms wriggling on the ground these lusty fellows are,
wiggling, jiggling back and forth, so frisky they appear,
so frisky they appear.

The road is clear and I am here, a comely, pretty maid,
the road is clear for you my dear, you sturdy, handsome lad.

You’ve walked your way into my heart and in my heart you’ll stay,
my honey-bear, my best-of-all. Now all the people say
that you have got a steady girl. I do believe that she
is walking down the road with you – and looking just like me,
looking just like me!