About Värttinä

Mari Kaasinen – vocals

Mari is an original Värttinä singer and co-founder from Rääkkylä, Karelia. Her first public performance took place at the age of 2½. During her career she’s studied classical singing, accordion and fiddle and majored in folk voice in Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. Partly because of her own North Karelian roots and dialect, she’s always been keen on Kalevala poetry and has become the main lyricist for Värttinä. She now maintains a career simultaneous with her life in Värttinä, teaching voice and kantele in Helsinki and participating in outside projects.

Susan Aho – vocals

Playing accordion since the age of 13, she played accordion on Värttinä’s Vihma album before moving to vocals. Susan graduated from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department in 2008. Besides being a songwriter as well, she’s worked with the puppet theatre Sampo for over a decade.

Karoliina Kantelinen – vocals

Karoliina Kantelinen is a singer and an ethnomusicologist specializing in ethnic singing styles. Her doctoral dissertation is on the old yoik tradition from Russian Karelia territory. She currently teaches folk music at the department of musicology in the University of Helsinki. Karoliina uses the traditional Kalevala style as her inspiration for new contemporary folk-based compositions. With her distinctive broad-ranged voice, her unique ability spans a range of emotion from anguish to compassionate sensitivity.